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Reporting & Accounting | Cirrato One Single Server Printing

Reporting, Accounting And Billing

Use Cirrato to gather information about your true printing costs and to establish long-term cost reduction.Gather valuable insights into device usage and adjust your print fleet accordingly.

Intelligence is the basis for good decision-making. Don't risk implementing a full-on, all-at-once printer fleet optimization project without first gathering enough reliable data.

Cirrato shows you what has been printed where and how much it costs, even on locally connected USB printers in remote offices. Choose from the built-in reports or create fully customized reports of your own.

Printing Reports

Report on printing by machine, model or vendor to compare how various machines are used and perform. These reports provide hard, accurate data for consolidation or relocating printers.

You can use this data to determine true printer utilization, including where in the network there is excessive color and simplex printing. Use this information to balance and consolidate the printer fleet for system-wide cost reduction.

One favorite application of the Cirrato data is cost-tracking for individual projects or clients.

Print Accounting

With Cirrato's Client Billing function, you can even bill back costs from individual offices, projects or clients. The Client Billing function allows you to assign print projects to users that are members of the project. A user can have one or several projects. When they print, their job will either automatically be assigned to a default project, or they will get a pop-up allowing them to choose which project each job is for. The same billing functionality is available on-screen the MFP when users perform copy jobs.

Printer SLA Reports

Visualize downtime for each individual machine, or compare vendors to follow up SLA agreements and determine which printers or vendor brands are the most cost-effective.

Usage Reports

Compare printing of different users or offices. Use this data to implement default printer settings or invoke printing rules to fight waste.

Cube Reporting

Excel based reporting using data warehouse functionality of SQL Server Integration Services. This feature enables the use of SQL Analysis Services for generation of individual custom reports within Excel. It provides an automatically deployed set of Cirrato Reports in SQL Reporting Services. 

Cube reports can be redacted to exclude any personal information or information about print jobs.