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Print Rules & User Quotas | Cirrato One Single Server Printing

Rules Based Printing and Print Quota Management

Reduce wasteful behavior and promote environmental awareness using a flexible set of rules, incorporating informative messages, enforced actions and/or changes to default printer settings. Implement user or departmental quotas to limit funds spent on printing and promote more conscious use of printing equipment.

Print Rules

How do you increase employee awareness of the environmental effects and reduce printing costs? With Cirrato Printing Rules, you can effectively educate employees or enforce best practices across the entire organization, including remote offices and directly connected USB printers.

Matching Criteria

Cirrato will first match the job based on criteria that you have defined. It will then send a message to end users and/or enforce an action

  • User (based on Active Directory username or group)
  • Printer (per-printer or custom printer group)
  • Application (based on document name)
  • Paper size (A3, A4, etc)
  • Colour / Monochrome
  • Duplex / Simplex
  • Number of pages
  • Cost of printout (as defined in Cirrato priceplans)

Automatic Messaging Options

You can set up custom messages that a user receives for each rule you set up. The messages can be in various formats:

  • Balloon tip
  • Pop-up dialogue
  • Take user to web page (for example intranet site for company printing policy)

Rule Actions

And finally, for each rule, you can set up a variety of automatic actions to be performed:

  • Allow (do nothing to the job)
  • Move (to another printer)
  • Delete
  • Pause (administrator can then review and either allow, move or delete job)

Sample Printing Rules

Cirrato's printing rules allows for wide flexibility. Below are some examples of commonly used rules:

  • Route large or color documents to more cost-effective printers, and send a message to the user when it has been done
  • Manage printing rights for different types of users
  • Set up educational messages for users who are about to print a very expensive job
  • Force-delete jobs that don't conform to the company's printing policy

Changing Default Printer Settings

While printing rules is a highly efficient way of achieving large cost and waste reductions, some organizations prefer giving their users more choice. Read more about how easily managing printer default settings can help you achieve this.

Print Quota Management

Easily manage printing allocations for end users. End-user quota accounts can be connected to Active Directory for use without authentication at the printer, or assigned to swipe/proximity cards or PIN codes. Price plans can easily be tiered by user group or category.


  • One system can facilitate multiple price plans for different user groups (e.g. students and teachers)
  • Automatic quota refills when certain criteria are met (e.g., a new course starts)
  • Variable costs for different types of jobs (defined by printer, paper size, colour/mono, duplex/simplex, etc.)
  • Authentication by Active Directory username, swipe/proximity cards or PIN codes
  • Membership based price plans that are tiered by user grou