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Print Driver Management | Cirrato One Single Server Printing

Centrally Manage Printer Drivers

Update drivers anywhere on the network with a few clicks - and define exactly how and when you want the driver to be used. Test drivers before deployment. No more repetitive actions when it comes to driver management. Upload a new driver once and choose how to deploy it. 

Problems with Print Drivers

In a typical environment with a variety of printers, driver updates can take ages to perform - driver conflicts can halt printing and cause servers to crash. Furthermore, administrators often have difficulties controlling driver deployment and ensuring that the correct drivers are used across the network.

Cirrato provides full control of all drivers and they can be updated throughout the organization with only a few clicks.

Cirrato Printer Driver Management

Cirrato compresses and stores all printer drivers in its central server. Using the Driver Upload Tool, you can easily upload a new driver into the server and define when and where it will be used, such as by operating system, printer models or language. You can even define default printer settings to reduce cost and paper waste.

To ensure that a driver works well before full deployment, multiple versions can co-exist, with the ability to easily revert to an older version, if needed.

Once a driver has been uploaded and activated, Cirrato will handle the rest. Each time a user prints, Cirrato checks the driver and settings. If needed, Cirrato automatically pushes the correct driver to the client. And far as the end user is concerned, printing just works without a hitch.

Updating a driver for the entire organization won't cause a network traffic surge because drivers will only be pushed out when needed - not all at once.

Simply put, with Cirrato, drivers will never cause problems again.

The best way to understand more is to see the LRS software in action - fill out the form below for an online demo of our software: