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Helpdesk Portal | Cirrato One Single Server Printing

Centrally Manage Queues And Configurations

IT can use the helpdesk portal troubleshoot printing problems, to clear print queues or to pause/reroute print jobs. But it can also be used to set up your printer queues and configurations centrally, promoting environmentally friendly and cost effective default settings. 

Managing printer configurations can be a hassle, especially for organizations with multiple print servers. There is no visibility over printer queues, and users can set default printer settings as they wish.

With Cirrato, you can set a default configuration per printer queue, and easily push it out to all users. By managing all your printer queues and configurations centrally, you can promote more environmentally and cost effective printing behavior, while allowing users to change configurations for individual jobs when they need to.

Changing default settings for thousands of printers across the globe is as easy as uploading the configuration you want and clicking "enable". Users will automatically have the new configurations next time the click "print".