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Cirrato | Cirrato One Single Server Printing

Cirrato Single Server Printing

In 2016 LRS was pleased to acquire Cirrato and since that time we have continued to enhance and support these products. LRS will continue to provide maintenance and support for these products over the next few years, however, as of January 2020 these products have been functionally stabilized and Cirrato software is no longer for sale to new customers outside of the Nordic countries. 

Strategic LRS software platforms for users of Cirrato products are LRS CloudPrint, VPSX/DirectPrint, and MFPsecure®/Print.

LRS CloudPrint is a cloud-based service that offers functions and benefits that may be preferred by many Cirrato users.

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VPSX/DirectPrint and MFPsecure®/Print product families offer substantially similar on premise functionality as the Cirrato products. In addition, the VPSX/DirectPrint and MFPsecure®/Print product families may be easily upgraded to include significantly more function that the Cirrato products when desired.

LRS is committed to protecting the investment our customers made in Cirrato software platforms. Our desire is to offer a smooth path that will enable Cirrato users to migrate over time to the strategic LRS platforms named above.