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Cirrato Single Server Printing

Cirrato One™ is the industry-shaping Single Server Printing solution that offers multi-site organizations complete print management with a reduced IT footprint. 

One server manages all print queues with minimal bandwidth use, eliminating the need for all other print servers. Our solution also offers a full print management feature set. Including print rules, secure Follow Print, device monitoring and reporting. 

If you are looking to remove your print servers and control printing from one central location, download our info pack or contact us for a demo to learn more. You can also browse through our features and benefits to see what Cirrato can bring to your organization.

Cirrato for IT professionals                   Cirrato for management/finance
Remove print servers  Green office practices 
Manage printer drivers Rules/Workflow based printing 
Eliminate WAN traffic  Reporting and accounting 
Support End-Users Manage USB printers
Improve redundancy  Increase scalability 
Improve speed and performance Secure Follow Print 


For organizations that are printing from business applications like SAP, or if you have specific requirements that are not listed here, please have a look at our VPSX Enterprise solution.