In today's digital landscape, the shift towards cloud-based solutions and zero trust security models has become imperative for organizations seeking to enhance end-user experience while safeguarding critical assets. Join us for an insightful webinar as we delve into the intricacies of modernizing end-user experience through the lens of securing cloud printing and scanning with the zero-trust framework.

Understand the strategic significance of transitioning to cloud and/or zero-trust models and explore how LRS® solutions seamlessly integrate into diverse infrastructures.

We will cover the differences of the types of cloud printing models:

-Hosted cloud printing

-Hybrid cloud printing

-Public cloud printing


-Single tenant

Learn about the importance of Security:

-Zero trust model

-OIDC (OpenID Connect)

-Authentication protocols and methods (card, mobile)

Finally, we will provide some real-world examples that demonstrate how it all comes together in a real-world environment. This section of the webinar will get into the inner workings of a modern workplace integration between products at specific companies. This will include the following scenarios:

  • Azure, 365, and Intune and Managed Services
  • Transform PC to Chrome OS, Chrome Browser, and see the list of printers.
  • IBM Cloud, zero trust, Global, and Mobile Identity
  • Internet Printing (Multi-Cloud)
  • Integration with OpenID Connect, supporting Mac OS and Windows

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to gain valuable insight based on real world examples of these products at work.

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