EMR Reimagined: Optimizing Print and Scan in Evolving Healthcare Systems

In this on-demand webinar we dive into the dynamic landscape of EMR systems and the evolving trends in healthcare technology. We promise you it will be an engaging exploration of the latest developments, strategic shifts, and essential updates within the realm of electronic medical records.

Topics include:

EMR Systems Evolution:

Discover how EMR systems are undergoing significant transformations, with industry giants such as Cerner transitioning to OCI and Epic embracing Hyperdrive. Gain insights into the implications of these transitions and what they mean for your healthcare organization.

Trends in Healthcare Technology:

Stay ahead of the curve. The LRS team will discuss the key trends shaping the future of healthcare technology. From the necessity of cloud migration to ensuring secure print practices, from leveraging research capabilities to expanding into clinics and third-party affiliates, and from embracing automation solutions like auto divert to preventing data leaks, we'll cover it all.

Updates and Innovations:

Get the latest updates straight from the source, including an exclusive look at the Epic Showroom and insights into the migration of Epic VLP from Hyperspace to HyperDrive. Learn about the innovative features and functionalities driving innovation in Epic's offerings.

Whether you're an IT professional, healthcare executive, or industry enthusiast, this webinar will be a valuable resource for navigating the ever-evolving landscape of EMR systems and healthcare technology.