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Safeguarding documents in the digital workplace - September 24th

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Are your documents and printing processes secure?

According to a 2019 Quocirca study organizations are continuing to suffer print-related data loss incidents, and most are still not confident that their print environment is fully protected. With the average cost of a print-related data loss at nearly $350,000 and 59% of companies having at least one print-related data loss the stakes are high.

According to the Quocirca Study:

Print Security Concerns

  • 72% are concerned about print-related security breaches
  • 24% aren’t confident that print infrastructure is fully protected
  • 77% are increasing spending towards print security

Closing the print security gap

  • 59% have suffered at least one print-related data loss
  • 32% of print security incidents are caused by internal users
  • Nearly $350,000 is the average cost of print-related data loss

A Managed Print Service (MPS) is an Enabler for Effective Print Security

  • 76% of organizations using an MPS are considered security leaders
  • 39% of organizations have carried out print security assessments
  • 40% are using pull printing to mitigate risk

With companies implementing new technologies to support the digital workplace and mobility, employees are now able to work from anywhere, on any device; and when they print, the data must be secure and protected. CIOs and CISOs need to ensure that proper security and safety measures are in place across the entire organization.

Whether information is at rest on the system, on its way to a print device, or being printed at a device, it is critical that it remains secure at every point along its destination.

When thinking about your printing process, are your documents:

  • Secure on the network? – Are print jobs encrypted “in motion” to avoid risk of interception?
  • Secure on print servers? – Are print jobs encrypted “at rest” to avoid being viewed or copied?
  • Secure during the printing process? – Are staff required to authenticate at a print device to release their print jobs?
  • Classified using watermarks, timestamps and other metadata? – Do users have a visual reminder of the need to properly handle, protect and dispose of printed material?
  • Protected from being copied or tampered with? – Can you ensure that a document is an original?
  • Audited/tracked? – Can you determine who printed what, when and where?

LRS Output management helps organizations develop secure print solutions which are tailored to their organization requirements. Security of all data matters--during ALL points of its journey --when it comes to printing. Whether that information is at rest on the system, in motion on its way to a print device or being printed at a device, it is critical that it remains secure at every point along its destination.

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