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Embedded Pull Printing Solutions running LRS on your devices

Embedded Pull Printing Solutions

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LRS® Pull Printing software enables secure document delivery to nearly any output device. While single-function and older devices typically require external hardware for user authentication and network connectivity, most modern MFPs can run LRS Pull Printing software as an embedded client on the device. This gives users greater control over their queued documents and lets them manage document workflows directly from the front-panel touchscreen interface.

Most organizations’ output fleets contain a variety of MFPs from multiple hardware vendors. LRS provides embedded MFPsecure®/Print clients for devices from hardware manufacturers including HP®, Lexmark®, Xerox®, and other leading equipment vendors. By managing all of these devices with LRS Output Management software, users can access their queued documents from nearly any device in the organization with a single security card or authentication method.

Levarging Pull Printing

LRS Pull Printing solutions leverage the secure delivery capabilities of the LRS product suite, meaning users never have to worry about information being lost before the last page physically prints. Users can print one, all, or individual documents with a single click. And organizations maintain full audit tracking and control of the documents for improved security and compliance.

Pull Printing solutions from LRS help you save money while protecting the contents of your most sensitive documents. Click here to find out how LRS can improve your business and output environments.

Secure printing solutions with a difference

LRS pull printing software protects your sensitive documents from unauthorized access until the intended user authenticates at the output device.

What is Secure Printing?

In the past, it often meant a secure printer that was kept physically separate from all but a handful of trusted IT staff. With the advent of pull printing solutions, this costly approach is no longer necessary. Authorized users can retrieve sensitive documents by tapping a proximity badge on a card reader or other authentication device. If the security credentials match, the LRS pull print solution allows for secure print release from the user’s document queue.

Proximity printing and more

For employees on the go, LRS pull printing solutions ensure the right document gets to the right user, right away.

LRS software acts as a solution for true proximity printing. Users can submit their print jobs from any location, and retrieve them from any nearby LRS pull printing enabled MFP or printer. This is especially useful for employees that frequently work from different locations or who print from mobile devices.

Printer interface

LRS® MFPsecure®/Print 

Secure document queuing and print release capabilities for a fully-integrated pull printing environment. Print jobs 'follow' employees throughout the organization. Users can access any defined printer on the network and retrieve any or all of their queued print jobs by means of a proximity card or other authentication method (PIN, password).

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