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Enabling SAP Printing for Faster SAP Rollout

Rollout SAP Faster

For your Basis staff and other teams involved in your SAP rollout, printing is likely far down the list of priorities. There are many steps in SAP implementation — many applications to install and test, databases to configure, and end users to train. Throughout the many steps in SAP implementation, most people tend to assume that “printing will just work.” 

By default, organizations tend to utilize the native printing facilities supported by the operating system. However, this approach is limited in its effectiveness. Each print queue may need to be defined multiple times on more than one print server. Different SAP print access methods may require input from different sets of administrators. Configuring such an environment requires a great deal of careful collaboration between different departments, each with its own set of priorities. Given the many parties involved in SAP implementation, the process of SAP printer configuration leads to delays that can impact the timeline of the overall project.

LRS Output Management software streamlines the process of SAP printer configuration by centralizing control of all printing-related functions. A single team can configure SAP printers, manage the SAP spool, and maintain the environment on an ongoing basis. LRS tools eliminate the need for many redundant print servers, decreasing potential points of failure and making the overall environment easier to maintain. Fewer print problems occur, and those that do are quickly handled using an intuitive set of web-based management tools. 

“How can LRS software simplify my SAP rollout?”

The LRS solution makes it easier and faster to roll out your SAP environment by enabling you to:

  • Eliminate print servers: A single instance of VPSX/OutputManager software can replace dozens of SAP print servers running on Windows, UNIX, or Linux. This means less hardware to purchase, configure, troubleshoot and maintain.
  • Eliminate the need for specialty printer hardware like barcode DIMMs or special font cards. LRS software can perform all formatting in a central location and send printer-ready data streams to any industry-standard printer in any remote location.
  • Implement watermarks and electronic overlays: During system implementation and testing, IT teams may send test documents to remote printers throughout the organization. End users commonly act on such documents, triggering real product shipments. LRS software can apply watermarks indicating TEST, COPY, DUPLICATE, etc. without making changes to your SAP applications.

Result? A faster SAP rollout with greater system stability and improved IT and end user productivity.

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