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Reduce Operational Cost of SAP Application Environment

Reduce Operational Cost

Organizations that implement an integrated SAP-based application environment expect their systems to provide better business results with fewer resources. Printing and other output-related processes have been called "the last bastion of un-audited corporate costs," causing organizations to look for ways to reduce printing.

Content management solutions from LRS help you identify and tap these unclaimed savings by giving you the tools to capture information from your business-critical SAP applications and store them in a secure archive. From there, end users can access them from workstations, mobile devices, or any other web-enabled client. 

LRS’ output management approach blends SAP document archiving with a flexible print management system. The integrated solution lets you:

  • View and deliver documents electronically. LRS software captures and stores documents in electronic form for web-based online viewing or email delivery. As a part of your SAP archiving strategy, it eliminates the costs associated with printing and storing hardcopy documents, and provides faster document access to aid in compliance efforts.
  • Eliminate unnecessary infrastructure components. One instance of LRS software can replace dozens or hundreds of Windows® and other print servers. Customers around the world report savings of more than $1 million per year through reduced capital, maintenance, and support costs.
  • Reduce the number of output devices. Personal printers are costly to operate and support. By replacing large fleets of remote printers with a smaller number of multifunction print devices (MFPs), organizations can dramatically lower document costs while increasing information security and user productivity.
  • Print only what you need to print, whether that be a single page from a hundred page report or only the latest version of a series of reports. By viewing first instead of printing, employees can make more efficient use of corporate resources.