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VPS | LRS Enterprise Output Management

Output Management for Mainframe Application Systems

As key elements in the original LRS® Enterprise Output Management solution, VPS® software and DRS™ software combine to enable the capture, control, management, monitoring, and delivery of documents in the mainframe environment. After more than three decades of product development and innovation, LRS software remains the leading output management software for the mainframe.

DRS captures documents from CICS®, IMS, and other applications and seamlessly places them on the mainframe JES spool or LRS/Spool. The solution includes a query facility that enables users on any platform to easily monitor the status of their print requests. DRS Monitor and Control Facility (DMCF) and DMCF/Web Access products provide a way to monitor documents captured by the DRS solution for delivery by other LRS products.

VPS software streamlines printing in the mainframe environment by efficiently routing output from the JES2/JES3 spool or LRS/Spool to the most appropriate printer or output destination. Printers can be quickly and easily added to the VPS system without the need for IPLs, JES definitions, or JCL changes. The VPS solution offers web browser-based monitoring and control capabilities that enable administrators, operators, and end users to control production printing.


Any network

With extensions such as the VPS/TCPIP and AnyQueue® products, VPS software controls output distribution in the LRS solution by sending output to printers and other output devices on multiple types of networks.

LRS Enterprise Output Management software is a highly scalable solution designed for efficient use of CPU cycles and network bandwidth. It enables companies to establish a single point of document control and provides an architecture that grows with the organization's needs. LRS customers save money and improve resource efficiency by eliminating manual delivery processes for printed output and by reducing and resolving printer-related errors.

Document Transforms

While some products specialize in converting print data streams, LRS addresses the end-to-end processes of printing and delivering the required data stream. LRS document transforms handle popular data streams such as AFP®, PCL®, PDF, IPDS, LCDS, or XES® over any network. Read more here.

Email and Electronic Document Delivery

LRS software can convert documents into PDF, TXT, RTF or HTML attachments and emails for delivery to any destination. Our customers can also manage the creation of electronic documents in PDF format. Customers can use electronic forms merged with data to produce the final documents which can be printed, emailed or stored to their final destination.