About three weeks ago, on December 31st, I raised a glass of bubbly toward the screen of my iPad and toasted my group of socially distanced revelers to bid good riddance to the year 2020. One or more choice curse words may or may not have been spoken. Today, with nearly a month of 2021 under my belt, I’m not ready to make pronouncements about prospects for the current year. But I’m definitely glad to leave the last one behind.

Coming back to the world of print and output management this week, one thing is most definitely in the rearview mirror. Arguably the most popular Cloud printing solution in the world has been deprecated and is no longer available for use.

Normally, such a loss would be a cause for sadness. Think about it from the perspective of a printer like the poor guy in the link below. Imagine resigning yourself to a life of once more being shackled to a Windows Print Server after years of relative freedom.

How it works

Now imagine the joy of learning there is a better alternative. Not just any alternative, but an award-winning solution from a trusted partner of your previous provider. Well, imagine no more… as detailed by my colleague in a recent Blog post, the LRS CloudPrint® offering is here with support for desktop PCs, mobiles, and much, much more!

It’s a new year and a new era of award-winning solutions. Check out www.LRScloudPrint.com... The sky’s the limit!

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