Recently, independent evaluator of document imaging solutions Keypoint Intelligence announced its Buyers Lab 2021 Pick and Outstanding Achievement awards. We were proud to learn that our LRS CloudPrint® software was named Outstanding Cloud Print Infrastructure Platform. Not a bad result for a solution in its rookie year.

With so many cloud-based solutions out there and more entering the market every day, what makes LRS CloudPrint software stand out? According to Keypoint Intelligence, there are a number of factors, but most relate to two facts; firstly, the LRS cloud hosted solution eliminates costs. Second, it frees up valuable IT resources so that they can focus their time on matters other than managing the print environment.

That last part — freeing up IT time and resources — is a key LRS focus that has been our value proposition for nearly four decades. This is true of our software for large enterprises, for workplace printing and output from business-critical applications, for our managed services, and even for our newest offering: LRS CloudPrint software. All of these solutions are designed to simplify life for IT professionals and optimize the printing experience for end users.

Why LRS CloudPrint software was awarded by Industry Professionals

The reasons for granting LRS the award perfectly align with the above-listed objectives. Keypoint Intelligence’s comments noted the self-updating client, a major benefit for LRS CloudPrint customers that means effortless upgrades when a newer version of the software is available. Updates are automatically pushed out to all users in a seamless manner and without extra work for print users or IT staff. The end-user print experience is improved with an easy-to-use tool for finding and installing printers. Furthermore, users can easily submit and release print jobs from anywhere in the organization.

To make life easy for IT administrators, LRS CloudPrint software offers simplified driver management and easy configuration of all printing devices within the company. Within large enterprises, print driver management ranks high on the list of things that IT professionals would like to improve or not bother with at all. With LRS CloudPrint software, they have an interface that guides them through the process of uploading a new driver. In just a couple of minutes, the driver is instantly available to all end users in the organization.  Updating drivers is done in precisely the same way. And changing a driver setting takes less than a minute.

But the reasons for LRS CloudPrint receiving this award extend beyond the end user experience and IT department. The report from Keypoint Intelligence also mentions GDPR-compliant data audits, a feature that resonates especially well in Europe, but which extends to organizations everywhere that do business with European companies. Another noted feature is the ability to redact data, which is important everywhere and is required in some countries with very strict privacy laws.

Replace on-premise print servers with a Cloud print server

Coming back to the aforementioned cost savings; a large portion of those cost savings results from the elimination of redundant print servers. We have many Blogs on the benefits of print server elimination. Deploying LRS CloudPrint is another way LRS helps organizations get rid of these servers and take a big chunk out of operating expenses. Ours is a truly serverless solution with optional secure pull printing that has a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Residing on the Microsoft Azure platform, it offers seamless integration with Active Directory. 

At LRS, we see many IT environments that are unnecessarily complex. For these organizations, we offer a variety of choices to simplify their printing infrastructures. We welcome you to contact us to explore these possibilities, or, if you’re convinced that LRS CloudPrint is the solution for you, click here to start your 30 day free trial.

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