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Levi, Ray & Shoup, Inc.

Streamline clinical document delivery and printing for Epic EMR

Printing Epic Documents

In large organizations, a reliable system to print Epic documents is needed to ensure that physician orders, patient wristbands, prescriptions, and other critical output reach their intended recipients. You require solutions to manage Epic output that are powerful and reliable yet simple to implement and maintain. Solutions that seek to improve patient care by reducing the risk of Epic print problems.

LRS® software provides a platform-independent central point of control that eliminates the need to define and maintain troublesome Windows® print servers, print queues, and printer drivers. We help you simplify your document delivery environment to minimize the chance and impact of problems when clinicians print Epic AVS reports, labels, and other output.

Our software decreases the need to manage printer servers in an Epic application environment by reducing the number of servers required. In addition to managing front-end EPS output from Epic, print management software from LRS can handle back-end Epic print jobs using the same intuitive web-based control panel.

Using a documented and supported Epic interface, LRS software receives print requests from Epic applications and routes them to the intended output device. This same module allows the VPSX/EI (Epic Interface) solution to provide print status feedback to your system users, assisting you in your troubleshooting efforts.

Document management with Epic

Many documents containing Protected Healthcare Information (PHI) must be retained online for long periods of time for information sharing and audit purposes. Document management software from LRS, integrated with Epic, provides robust facilities for capturing, storing, and viewing documents in online form. Using a customizable web-based client, authorized users can access EMR or business application output from any computer or mobile device with a browser. Fast and intuitive search tools help employees quickly pinpoint exactly the information they need, aiding both healthcare operations and compliance efforts.

While LRS provides software to manage documents from Epic, print and online document viewing tools are available to help you save money and protect sensitive patient data. Click here to learn how you can enhance healthcare document security while improving document access.

Pull printing in clinical environments

When you print from Epic, documents may contain PHI and require special handling to ensure patient confidentiality. As soon as a clinician or other staff member prints a record containing PHI, each minute the document sits unattended at the printer increases the hospital’s exposure to costly penalties and other sanctions.

LRS Output Management solutions have integrated pull printing support to help you securely print Epic documents. Powered by MFPsecure®/Print software and hardware, a user’s queued jobs are released when he or she authenticates their identity via PIN code, identity badge, or other validation method. Custom device-resident software communicates with the core LRS solution to control and track document access for accurate accounting.

LRS software streamlines clinical document delivery and makes it easier to manage printer servers in an Epic printing environment. Click here to contact LRS and look for LRS on the Epic App Orchard to learn how our solutions can save you time and money while improving patient care.