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Enhance Prescription Printing in Healthcare

Enhance Prescription Printing with LRS solutions for Healthcare

Modern pharmaceuticals have revolutionized the practice of medicine, making the handling of prescription data an important part of patient care. Even for hospitals that utilize electronic prescriptions, much of this information comes in the form of pharmacy reports, print prescription forms, and other documents that are subject to privacy and security regulations. When print prescriptions and other sensitive healthcare documents are produced on plain paper, they are vulnerable to copying and other forms of tampering. Healthcare regulations now require these documents to include physical or electronic counter measures to prevent print prescriptions from being duplicated or falsified. While special tamper-proof prescription paper meets these requirements, it is expensive to implement and requires additional physical security measures to protect the special paper stock. With over a million printed prescriptions being printed each day, it is vital to properly manage prescription printers.

LRS® prescription printing solutions eliminate both the need for specialized hardware (prescription printers) and costly tamper-proof prescription security paper through support for watermarking, pantographs, and other electronic document security features. This can help save you money and increase compliance with secure printing regulations while extending secure prescriptions printing to nearly any device in your printing fleet. Costly prescription pad printing is no longer necessary, as individual secure pharmacy documents can be printed on demand.

Minimize the risk of prescription fraud

Printed tamper-proof stock does not address all document misuse.

For nearly a decade, many governmental agencies have required every computer-generated print prescription to include at least one approved tamper-resistant feature. A common prescription printing security solution is to use special tamper-resistant paper with pre-printed security features. 

While this is easy to implement, it introduces many problems. These include the need to securely store and manage the stock to prevent fraudulent prescription printing, which may necessitate measures like locked paper trays, secure storage rooms, and other precautions. Even these measures can be defeated by employees who print blank documents to the printer and retrieve the valuable tamper-resistant stock. 

LRS software can be configured to prevent such attempts at misuse, as well as eliminate the need for special paper in the first place by implementing electronic print prescription security features.

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Reduce the cost to print secure prescriptions

You can eliminate the need for special consumables by implementing electronic security countermeasures.

The LRS prescription printing security solution lets you insert watermarks, copy-resistant pantographs, and other security features directly into the print data stream. This enables you print on inexpensive plain paper stock while remaining in compliance with secure prescriptions mandates. It also eliminates the need for locking paper trays, secure paper storage rooms, and other physical security measures which can increase costs for your organization.

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Using LRS software, you can implement a prescription printing security solution in your own environment. Our solutions provide fast, reliable, secure healthcare printing when seconds count. To discover how you can provide better care at lower cost, click the links to the right or contact your LRS healthcare experts