Enhance Prescription Printing

Modern pharmaceuticals have revolutionized the practice of medicine, making the handling of prescription data an important part of patient care. Much of this information comes in the form of pharmacy reports, prescription forms, and other documents that are subject to privacy and security regulations

When prescriptions and other sensitive healthcare documents are printed on plain paper, they are vulnerable to copying and other forms of tampering. Healthcare regulations now require these documents to include physical or electronic counter measures to prevent such fraud. While special tamper-proof prescription paper meets these requirements, it is expensive to implement and requires additional physical security measures to protect the special paper stock.

LRS Enterprise Outpur Server - Enhance Prescription Printing

Healthcare Output Management eliminates the need for costly tamper-proof prescription security paper through support for watermarking, pantographs, and other electronic document security features. This can help save you money and increase compliance with secure printing regulations while extending prescription printing capabilities to nearly any device in your printing fleet.

LRS software provides fast, reliable, secure healthcare printing when seconds count. To discover how you can provide better care at lower cost, click the links to the right or contact your LRS healthcare experts.