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Enabling Affiliate Printing for Remote Clinics and 3rd Parties

Affiliate Printing for Remote Clinics

In most large healthcare organizations, multiple departments utilize a single Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system to provide uniform tracking and access to patient data. However, some organizations deliver coordinated patient care through remote clinics and other hospital “affiliates” that lack direct access to these central EMR systems.

Consider the case of an independent provider facility:

“We are a private healthcare clinic, but we have a relationship with a large hospital in the area. We can access the hospital’s EMR system, but we do not have an easy way to print documents securely from the EMR system to a printer in our facility. Security is important because PHI data is often involved.”

LRS® Affiliate Printing software enables users outside your corporate WAN to securely print across the public Internet from your EMR and other applications. Patient documents are delivered to remote affiliates in the same fast, secure manner as those at your main campus. All with the same high level of document tracking and control but without the need for costly WAN expansion or VPN infrastructure.

To protect the contents of sensitive patient documents, LRS software supports data encryption during affiliate printing to a remote output device. The LRS Affiliate Printing solution uses IPPS technology to safeguard healthcare data in motion across the network, both from the point of document origin (e.g., a desktop computer) and the destination printer, MFP, or other device. This provides an added layer of security in affiliate printing networks.

LRS Affiliate Printing software improves document access in even the most distributed affiliate environments. Click here to find out how LRS can save you time and money while improving patient care.