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Mainframe Modernization | Mainframe Rehosting

Mainframe Modernization and Rehosting

When porting legacy IBM mainframe applications to open systems platforms, many basic elements of the printing infrastructure become unavailable. For example, there is no open systems equivalent to the Job Execution System (JES) spool used to manage mainframe print jobs.

LRS® software acts as a functional replacement to the JES spool, eliminating the need for modernization teams to deploy numerous costly Windows® print servers or develop new document management facilities from scratch. 

The LRS solution can also be implemented before you migrate any of your mainframe applications as a tactical MIPs reduction project.  Many LRS customers have combined migrating output management with converting and moving their document archives to open systems, realizing significant cost benefits, as well as future proofing valuable printing and storage functions.

LRS has over three decades of experience in providing document capture, delivery, management, and viewing/archiving software for legacy environments and legacy IT. Together with Micro Focus International, Clerity Solutions, and other application modernization and mainframe rehosting partners, we offer proven document connectivity and formatting solutions to help modernization teams save both time and money.  

Document Archive Conversion

LRS Windows- and mainframe-based archiving solutions provide secure and scalable electronic storage of your critical business documents. However, migrating years or decades’ worth of data from your existing archive can be a major challenge. Our team of archive migration specialists can help.

We provide a range of conversion and migration services to simplify the process of implementing LRS Content Management software in your environment. Using a proven methodology and a set of custom-designed migration utilities, our project teams can help you migrate archive definitions and data from most popular document archive suites.

All Project Managers, System Engineers, and Conversion Specialists working on the conversion team are LRS employees, each with more than 20 years of IT experience. With more than a decade of archive conversion projects under our belts, we know that no two conversions are identical. Our ability to custom tailor our tools and processes to your unique requirements is a key factor in your project's success.

Transform Mainframe Printing and Archiving

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