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Holistic Output Management | LRS Output & Print Management

Better Business Outcomes with Holistic Output Management - IDC Report

For well over a decade, organizations have been looking to print and document management initiatives as a way to reduce costs, increase employee productivity, and better meet regulatory/compliance and environmental/sustainability goals. These initiatives may be driven internally, though organizations may also partner with a managed print and document services (MPDS) provider to outsource the optimization and ongoing management of their printing infrastructure. Either way, organizations need to define and control their print and document management strategy to ensure continuous innovation and productivity/cost improvements.

However, as the market matures, and as contracts renew (perhaps multiple times), organizations and their partners are finding it difficult to obtain additional cost savings and productivity benefits from print and document management initiatives, beyond what has already been accomplished. An increasingly mobile workforce and new workplace paradigms, such as "hoteling" or "hot desking," in which employees are not assigned specific office space, offer additional challenges.

Organizations have the opportunity to increase cost savings, reduce IT labor costs, increase employee satisfaction and productivity, and drive better business outcomes by taking a holistic approach to print infrastructure and output management (OM). "Holistic" refers to consistent solutions, procedures, policies, and service levels across the entire enterprise, encompassing both desktop and enterprise systems and reaching local, remote, and mobile workers.

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What Is Holistic Output Management?

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