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Improve Downtime Reporting - Secure Document Retention

Improve Downtime Reporting Processes

Healthcare workflows often leverage technology to minimize errors, increase patient safety, and support industry best practices. But since technology failures can and do occur, all healthcare providers need backup procedures for operating during planned and unplanned system outages.

PageCenterX/Satellite software helps organizations provide continuity of care during outages by facilitating downtime reporting. As an extension of the LRS®print and output management solution, PageCenterX/Satellite software integrates with all major Electronic Medical Record (EMR) solutions and provides staff with timely access to clinical documentation and other important documents during system outages. Rules-based document retention and purging ensures that the correct patient records are available for reprinting or online viewing in unplanned healthcare downtime events.


Rules-based document retention and purging ensures that the correct patient records are available for reprinting or online viewing in the event of unplanned downtime.

Our healthcare document specialists work with your downtime planning teams to develop an effective downtime printing strategy. Such a strategy puts the right patient data on the right power-protected servers for fast access to Medication Administration Records (MARs), Physician Rounding Reports, etc., during planned or unplanned downtime events. All with full audit tracking and analysis reporting to ensure compliance with HIPAA and other regulations. 

Reduce manual document processes during downtime events

In a planned or unplanned system outage, human error can lead to mistakes and delays.

PageCenterX/Satellite software from LRS eliminates the need for manual printing, handling, separation, and distribution of physical/paper reports during downtime occurrences. The solution works in the background to ensure the most recent patient information is available to clinicians at the point of need.

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Improve patient record accessibility

LRS software enables documents to be converted into a standard format and stored in one or more locations.

Your business doesn’t stop running just because your IT systems are unavailable. When downtime events occur, LRS solutions provide rapid access to critical information in PDF or other standard end-user viewing formats. These can be password protected and encrypted to prevent document misuse and aid in compliance efforts. Reports can be reprinted from remote nursing stations for secure report distribution and downtime reporting.

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Provide audit tracking and analysis of PHI access

Audit Tracking and Analysis Reporting tools enable administrators to track document access.

Sophisticated audit tools let IT managers and other authorized users see who accessed or printed which reports, when, where, and how often.
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Intelligently distribute healthcare information for offline use

LRS software lets you combine data from one or more sources and provides assured report delivery to nursing stations or other points of care.

By interrogating the contents of critical documents, our intelligent document distribution software can logically bundle clinical documentation and related content and make it readily accessible to caregivers and other patient-facing staff during healthcare downtime events. This function, along with our secure report distribution capability, helps clinicians handle unplanned downtime situations without compromising patient care.
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LRS software helps organizations achieve their downtime planning goals with secure report distribution to distributed PageCenterX/Satellite workstations. By enabling patient-facing staff to access clinical documentation during unplanned downtime events, our solutions lessen the impact of healthcare downtime on hospital staff and patients alike. 

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