Improving healthcare document delivery for faster, better patient care.

Printing Solutions for Healthcare

Regardless of size, location, or specialty, all healthcare facilities are focused on a single goal: provide effective, timely care for each patient to speed the healing process. Doing so requires instant access to clinical records, test results, and other healthcare-related documents. 

Healthcare Document Solutions are designed to bridge the digital and document-based workflows in today’s healthcare environments. Modern Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems put vast amounts of information literally at the fingertips of clinicians. LRS has established partnerships with all leading EMR/EHR providers to ensure seamless delivery of healthcare documents to the patients and caregivers who need them.

How it works


Better healthcare printing, better patient outcomes

EMR printing software integrates with your healthcare IT systems to provide end-to-end control of care-related documents. LRS® solutions act as middleware that communicates directly with your EMR applications as well as your printers, MFPs, and other output devices. This enables real-time notification of printing success or failure in order to prevent document problems from impacting patient care. 

In addition to improving EHR printing, LRS software works with healthcare document management solutions to provide immediate access to patient information even in downtime situations. Our web-based PageCenterX document viewing software and mobile printing healthcare solutions give clinicians the ability to retrieve care-related documents in hardcopy or electronic form, regardless of their location.

The LRS printing solution for healthcare provides fast, reliable, secure healthcare printing when seconds count. To discover how you can provide better care at lower cost, click the links to the right or contact your LRS healthcare experts