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Green Printing | Cirrato One Single Server Printing

Practice Green Printing

Eliminate all print servers, reduce waste and improve user print habits to get unprecedented environmental savings.

Cirrato can help you reduce energy and paper usage - as well as reduce support trips - even the number of colour printouts. Each measure is meaningful on its own, but when combined, the environmental effect can be staggering and the savings go directly to the bottom line.

Reduce Energy Consumption

Accommodating, operating and cooling servers is costly and has a big impact on the environment. Combined, our customers report that each server accounts for over 3,000 kWh of energy usage per year.

With Cirrato, you can remove all your print servers, in many cases allowing for physical server consolidations, thus making it possible to achieve energy reduction targets as well as reducing server administration costs.

Remove Paper Waste

When a printer stops, jobs can gather in the queue and are printed all at once when the printer is fixed. Cirrato's Time To Live function eliminates this and reduces wasted printouts.

Pull Printing allows users to collect jobs at any printer when they want to, instead of printing immediately. The pile of forgotten print jobs is thus eliminated.

Used together, both functions can achieve great savings in paper and toner consumption. Our customers report up to 40% reductions in total print volumes.

Promote Environmentally Friendly Printing Behavior

Cirrato's printing rules promote better printing practices. With Printing Rules, you can increase environmental awareness by automatically messaging users whose printouts meet certain criteria (e.g., large volumes or colour printing internet documents).

Furthermore, you can also limit printing options based on user groups (e.g., managers have full rights, while others can only print internet documents in duplex and/or black and white).

Finally, by centrally managing all printer configurations, you can default printer settings across your organization in the most environmentally friendly way possible.