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Eliminate WAN Traffic | Cirrato One Single Server Printing

Eliminate Print Related WAN Traffic

Cirrato allows you to manage printers with minimal network traffic, even in remote offices. Print related network traffic is typically reduced a thousandfold which considerably speeds up both printing and other services.

In organizations with multiple geographical locations and a consolidated server environment, network printing soaks up considerable bandwidth. Print files are typically sent to the various printers via a central server and travels at least twice over a wide area network (WAN).

For some organizations, printing is critical to production. When a user prints a large complex document, the printer driver converts the job to a format that the destination printer understands. In this process, the file grows in size several times; a complex document with graphics and text can become hundreds of MBs in size.

When such files are shuttled through a WAN link, printing slows down considerably (or even comes to a temporary halt) as do other applications and services.

With Cirrato's Single Server Printing files are sent directly to the printer without causing network congestion. In fact, Cirrato controls printing and manages all queues from one central location. This is done via tiny messages that are sent to the Cirrato server each time you print, a method that was first developed and patented in 2005.

When you print with Cirrato, around 3kB of total network traffic is sent over the WAN. This is a thousandfold decrease in network traffic for each print job.

Therefore, Cirrato offers unmatched printing performance and removes wide area print traffic - allowing your users to print smoothly while optimizing other network services, even in remote locations.