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Increase Scalability | Cirrato One Single Server Printing

Increase scalability

Cirrato easily scales from a few printer queues to over 30,000. You can add new printers or users, modify individual printer functions, or add/change locations on the fly.

Cirrato's administrative interface lets you easily add new printers to the network. Printers are mapped and displayed in a tree-structure by office location. Right click anywhere in the tree to add new locations and printers. Configure printers by model, upload the driver to the server and you're good to go. Cirrato ensures that any user-installed printer automatically uses the correct printer driver.

Workstations or laptops of new employees joining the organization will either automatically be loaded with the Cirrato® Client software, or the administrator can opt to deploy the software as a .msi package. Users can thereafter install any printer that is defined in the Cirrato server.

The workflow is identical for new office locations with the additional option of automatically migrating existing printers for each client to Cirrato. Users won't notice any difference.