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FormPort EPS

From invoices and checks, to report cards, permits and patient medical forms; customized printed documents are integral to the successful day-to-day operation of corporations, institutions and government offices of all types and sizes. FormPort® EPS is a small, external hardware solution that delivers new levels of flexibility and efficiency to the customized forms generation process, eliminating the need for pre-printed forms or dedicated printing hardware.

  • Hardware-based solution
  • Instantly utilize almost any PCL 5 compatible printer or MFP (multi-function) device as both a general-purpose printing device and a fully-featured form printing solution
  • Add special fonts, logos, photos, signatures and other graphic elements
  • Automatically generate multiple form-type outputs based on the content of the job data
  • Respond to changing form printing needs quickly and easily

FormPort EPS Overview

The External Form Generation Solution

FormPort EPS is a small, external hardware solution that takes the plain-text, printer-bound data from legacy applications, automatically converts it into graphics-rich PCL 5 documents and sends that output to a printer or MFP device. Installation is easy. Simply connect FormPort EPS to your network. Using a browser, FormPort EPS can be configured to either send the documents to a LAN/WAN printing device or to a locally-attached, USB capable printing device.

FormPort EPS is now ready to be loaded with a variety of form-definition templates. The templates can be created using our FormPort Designer software, or our Form Design Service. Templates can include data-remapping formulas, incorporate logos, signatures and other graphic elements as well as special fonts including MICR characters. Form templates can also perform mathematical calculations, make conditional-formula decisions and even call other templates.

Using sample ASCII data streams from the enterprise application, an administrator can define the line number, column number and character string that will be used to automatically trigger the specific template that is required to print each particular type of document or form job.

When a print job is directed to the FormPort EPS device, FormPort EPS scans the incoming data and automatically uses the appropriate form template(s) to format the entire print job. No user intervention required! If the input job data does not match a predefined form-trigger, the printer or MFP device will simply receive the unmodified print job as usual.

Product Overview

Streamline Business Processes

You can even set up FormPort EPS to output multiple documents from the same data stream.

FormPort EPS will automatically output all of the required documents – for instance, an invoice, a packing slip, and a shipping document – all related to the same set of data.

Save Money, Office Space and Time

Pre-printed forms can be expensive on so many levels. In addition to the basic cost of printing the forms, it takes time to source the forms, money to ship the forms and office or warehouse space to store the forms.

And what happens if a form becomes obsolete or needs to be changed? With traditional pre-printed forms, your only option is to discard any remaining forms and order a new set, wasting time, paper and money.

Respond Quickly to Changing Form Needs

With FormPort EPS, you can respond to changing form requirements quickly and efficiently.

Need to change the signature on a form? Simply adjust the form template. Need a whole new form? Just create and upload a new form template. No more interrupting business processes or “making do” with obsolete forms while you wait for new forms to be printed and shipped. And no more wasting paper discarding obsolete forms.

React to Changing Business Configurations

Because FormPort EPS is an external solution, moving form-printing capabilities from one printing device to another is as easy as redirecting the FormPort EPS output to the new device.

This is particularly convenient if a printer needs to go offline for repairs. FormPort EPS isn’t tied to any particular type of hardware or printing technology, it’s a great investment for organizations that plan to update their printing resources sometime in the future.

Part of a Comprehensive Printing Strategy

FormPort EPS is just one of the many products that we offer to help you enhance the capabilities of your printing environment.

Ask your Capella products specialist how you can implement FormPort EPS as part of a comprehensive solution to improve your workflow, reduce waste, secure your printing process, and make the best use possible of your printing resources.

FormPort EPS is an ideal solution for any organization that wants to maximize its software investment, eliminate its dependence on expensive line printers and pre-printed forms, and fully leverage the capabilities of today’s versatile and economical laser printers. For a complete list of FormPort EPS compatible HP® printers, please contact us on the details below.

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