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BarCodeJet External

BarCodeJet® External takes all the power of BarCodeJet and packs it into an external, universal and completely portable package. If you can plug in a network cable, you can instantly add barcode capabilities to almost any printer or mfp device with BarCodeJet External.

  • Portable, external solution
  • Printer and OS independent
  • Intelligent barcode printing
  • USPS Intelligent Mail barcodes
  • Wide range of UPC, EAN and OCR codes
  • Auto calculation of checksums
  • Auto scaling and text insertion

BarCodeJet External

Universal, Portable, Printer Independent Barcode Printing Solution

BarCodeJet External is the easy, flexible and cost-effective way to produce high-quality barcode labels and barcoded documents. Unlike traditional barcode systems, which require dedicated printing hardware, BarCodeJet External can be used with practically any network-attached laser printer or multifunction device and a whole range of ERP and custom applications.

Product Overview

Instant Barcode Capabilities

BarCodeJet External is a self-contained, portable barcode printing device.

To convert any network attached PCL® 5 laser printer or multifunction device into a full-featured barcode system, simply disconnect the Ethernet cable from the device, plug the cable into BarCodeJet External, and connect BarCodeJet External to the printer or multifunction device. It’s that easy!

BarCodeJet External automatically configures itself to the IP address of the printer or multifunction device, so you don’t have to re-configure the printer or make any adjustments to your network setup. On top of that, the printer or multifunction device still maintains all its normal printing capabilities, helping you to make the most of your hardware investment.

Flexible and Portable

Unlike internal printer solutions, BarCodeJet External is not specific to any printer or multifunction device.

If you decide to upgrade the printer or multifunction device in the future, simply plug BarCodeJet External into the new device and you’ll automatically retain all barcode printing capabilities. If your printer runs out of toner, or you just decide it makes more sense to add barcode capabilities to another printer on your network, simply move BarCodeJet External to the desired device.

Intelligent Barcode Printing

BarCodeJet External is more than a collection of barcode fonts.

BarCodeJet External does all the work of a traditional barcode printer automatically, including:

  • Checking of incoming data and the calculating of check sums
  • Independent, “on the fly” horizontal and vertical scaling of barcodes
  • Insertion of text under or above the bars

Generate a Wide Range of Barcodes

By encoding the existing data directly from the print stream, BarCodeJet External provides instant support for most common one and two dimensional barcodes, including USPS Intelligent Mail® barcodes and a wide range of UPC, EAN and OCR codes.

Application and OS Independent

Because BarCodeJet External works between the network and the printer, it offers the flexibility needed to accommodate practically any operating system or barcode generating application.

BarCodeJet External is fully compatible with SAP® as well as most other commercial ERP systems and custom applications. It’s the easy and cost-effective way to generate high-quality barcode labels as well as documents containing control and cross-reference barcodes.

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