At the end of February (just before the big quadrennial “leap”), LRS was honoured to sponsor this year’s Cerner European Collaboration Forum in London. Bringing together hundreds of healthcare professionals from across Europe, this event allows attendees to share experiences and learn from their industry peers. Three days of keynotes and special interest groups provide an opportunity to understand the challenges that all healthcare organisations face as they become more engaged in the digital agenda.

LRS at the Cerner Collaboration Conference 2020

On the first day of the event, LRS customer Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust gave a presentation on how it is using our solutions to improve patient safety by enabling secure remote printing. The story is familiar to those currently running VPSX software, but the presentation drove home the importance of reliable, secure document delivery in the health industry.

When health professionals are out collecting specimens and visiting patients in the community, they must make sure the correct patient files can be easily accessed and all information is accurately recorded. Mistakes put patient safety at risk and can result in incorrect treatment. This is a particularly high risk when providing remote care outside the hospital setting. Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust selected a print solution that is fully tested and integrated with their Cerner applications to ensure reliable and secure delivery of these important documents. The patient-facing health professionals now use this solution to remotely access the Cerner system and pull down the appropriate document with the correct patient information. This is then reliably and seamlessly printed at the patient’s house to the users’ USB attached print devices… safely, securely, and error-free.

From conversations with other delegates at the event, we know that this remote printing requirement is not an isolated issue. Many hospitals are faced with the problem of ensuring that documents are reliably printed every time and synchronised with the providers’ systems.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by to visit us at the event, as well as those who have reached out to us in the weeks since then. Rarely has efficient, secure information sharing been more important to the health and welfare of our world, and LRS will continue to do what we can to help.

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