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SAP Public Cloud Solutions

The SAP Public Cloud – easy to implement, built on best practices


To help customers more quickly leverage the benefits of enterprise Cloud computing, SAP introduced SAP S/4HANA Cloud®, Public Edition. Like other SaaS solutions, this environment promises a multi-tenant public Cloud environment that is easy to implement and support.

Built around industry best practices, it lets customers see results right away and offers continual business innovation through automatic release updates that occur on a semi-annual basis. For organizations that do not require heavy customization to their business processes, SAP public Cloud software provides maximum benefits with minimal IT effort.

Printing from the SAP Public Cloud

Printing from the SAP Public Cloud 

Unlike SAP on-premise or private Cloud solutions, SAP public Cloud solutions have no SAP spool – meaning the standard BC-XOM print interface cannot be used. Instead, SAP public Cloud applications support the new S4HC-PUB-PRINT-OMS interface, using communication scenarios 0466 and 0467. 

LRS® output management software supports both the 0466 (Checkpoint Polling – a.k.a. pull) and 0467 (https post from SAP – a.k.a. push) print collection scenarios, with robust support for the S4HC-PUB-PRINT-OMS interface. SAP applications, running in the SAP public Cloud, send document data to their PrintQueues, which are then collected by VPSX/OutputManager Cloud and passed directly to the LRS output server, which then delivers it to any printer, MFP, or other output destination in a secure and reliable manner. 

Note that the LRS solution Provides support for Secure or Pull Printing which the SAP windows spool based solution (SAP Cloud Print Manager) will not provide (see SAP note 2679304), you can use the LRS solution for Secure Printing, or if you have an existing pull print solution that you are happy with, you can have VPSX deliver to that. 

LRS Output Management for SAP Public Cloud Printing

LRS Software Offers Your Organization:

  • Robust support for the S4HC-ES-PRINT-OMS interface using communication scenarios 0466 and/or 0467.
  • Reliable output delivery from SAP public Cloud applications that utilize SAP Java stacks for print polling or pull print.
  • A future-proof migration path to Rise with SAP or subsequent SAP platforms as your environment evolves.

SAP Public Cloud Solutions

SAP public Cloud solutions appeal to customers for their ease of access and implementation. When an organization’s own development resources are unable to stand up new functionality in a timely manner due to burdensome S/4HANA migration tasks or other reasons, SAP public Cloud solutions offer many benefits.

As with their BTP offering, SAP has also developed a singular PRINT interface for their public cloud solutions. The LRS BTP-PRINT plugin enables companies to print from SAP public cloud solutions as easily as other SAP environments, giving IT staff a single point of control for managing output from any SAP or other enterprise application.

USE CASE: Natural Gas Supplier 

Enhanced Printing Solution for Liquified Natural Gas Supplier

  • Why Change? Why Change? The customer was facing printing integration problems using Xerox to the SAP Public Cloud as they began a digital transformation project.
  • Why Now? The customer was implementing SAP Public Cloud when they encountered a challenge with their existing printing infrastructure and needed a solution.
  • Why LRS? When faced with printing integration challenges, the customer sought assistance from Pinnacle, a Xerox reseller. Pinnacle realized how complex the issue was and engaged LRS for their expertise in print management solutions.

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Simplify Print and Output Management for Cloud-based SAP S/4HANA and RISE with SAP environments. Don't migrate your legacy SAP individual language forms, printer tray configuration, printer definitions, and complicated printer servers. Eliminate them quickly and easily with LRS.

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