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SAP BTP, SAP DM and SAP ECP output

Welcome to the world of SAP in the Cloud

As SAP moves towards a Cloud-centric future, their Business Technology Platform (BTP) solution is becoming prominent. BTP encompasses a portfolio of SAP products and services grouped under four integrated technology pillars:

  • Database and data management,
  • Analytics,
  • Application development and integration, and
  • Intelligent technologies.

BTP gives you to ability to innovate new solutions, integrate Cloud-based modules with existing SAP applications, and extend your current environment to the Cloud. In short, BTP can bridge the old SAP landscape with the new, Cloud-based world.

Working with LRS in the Cloud

Similarly, LRS provides a way to securely manage output from both legacy and new Cloud-first SAP applications, which no longer use the SAP spool and other document facilities required in past SAP versions. 

Working with SAP, LRS has developed certified interfaces to ensure reliable and secure document delivery from new BTP applications as well as the new generation of Cloud-only modules such as Digital Manufacturing (DM) and Employee Central Payroll (ECP) in SAP Success Factors. 

LRS Output Management for SAP in the Cloud

A certified solution that can manage your SAP output whether running in the Cloud on-premise, or in a hybrid environment 

  • Reliable output delivery from SAP BTP, DM, ECP, and other modern SAP applications that may or may not utilize the SAP Spool 
  • Support for SAP applications running in the public Cloud
  • Support for Access Method Q 

LRS Interface for SAP BTP, DM, and ECP Printing

Unlike classic SAP on-premise applications, SAP BTP, DM, and ECP solutions do not utilize the SAP ABAP for print and therefore have no SAP spool – meaning the standard BC-XOM print interface cannot be used. Instead, SAP public Cloud applications support SAP Java stacks and the new S4HC-ES-PRINT-OMS interface, using communication scenarios 0466 and 0467.

LRS output management software supports both the 0466 and 0467 print scenarios, with robust support for the S4HC-ES-PRINT-OMS interface. Your BTP, DMC, and ECP applications can send document data directly to the LRS output server, which delivers it to any printer, MFP, or other output destination in a secure and reliable manner.


SAP’s new Business Technology Platform (BTP) environment is a popular new PaaS offering from SAP. Unlike previous SAP iterations, SAP BTP does not use the SAP Spool for printing, but rather the BTP-PRINT service. Using an LRS-developed plugin, you can retrieve print data from applications including the SAP BTP-based Digital Manufacturing Cloud (DMC), which replaces the outgoing SAP Manufacturing Execution module.

SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Payroll (ECP) is a collection of ABAP and non-ABAP components that handle payroll operations – traditionally a document-intensive part of any business. Printing from the ABAP portion of ECP is relatively straightforward, and LRS software can serve as a target "printer" while providing assured print delivery and simplifying life for help desk staff.

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