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Calculate Cost Savings | LRS Printing Calculator

Cost Savings Calculator

LRS® Pull Printing solutions save money by helping users print only the documents they really need, wherever they need them, on the most cost-effective devices in your printing fleet. Working alone or in conjunction with leading third-party vendor solutions, LRS software retains documents electronically until a user physically arrives at the device. The LRS Pull Printing solution prevents waste due to unclaimed print jobs and eliminates the need for costly personal printers. Result: bottom-line savings and increased worker productivity.

To learn how much your organization could save, enter your own information in the fields below or accept the industry default values for the average cost of printing per page and click Calculate.

Number of pages printed --
Cost of color print $0.00
Cost of B&W print $0.00
Total Cost of print $0.00
  • Annual cost savings $0.00
  • Reduction in carbon emission $0.00
  • Number of pages reduced $0.00
  • Energy saved $0.00
  • Number of trees saved per year $0.00