Albert Einstein once remarked that “Adversity introduces a man to himself.” If that’s the case, then surely sometime last weekend our local hero Mister Wilkerson bumped into our favorite drag race driver, Tim.

Fans of the LRS-sponsored NHRA funny car team know that Tim Wilkerson wears many hats: driver, crew chief, owner… and now team physician. Coming off a recent win at the U.S. Nationals in Indianapolis, Tim’s Shelby Mustang has taken the trophy at two out of the last three events. But like a race engine, there’s only so hard you can push a crew before things start to break down.

Last weekend, injuries and illness left the crew short-handed and scrambling, so when an accident in the pits left a key member of the team with a head wound, Tim sprang into action. He helped bandage up the mechanic, then grabbed a wrench to help the remaining crew members prep the car for the next round. How did it work out? Watch for yourself:

The next race will take place on Tim’s home turf: the NHRA Midwest Nationals in nearby Madison, Illinois. There, Team Wilkerson will also debut their Top Fuel dragster, with Tim’s son Daniel doing the tuning and Keith Murt in the driver’s seat. Will lightning strike a third time in four weeks? With a heavy presence of Wilk’s Warriors in the stands, a win here would be electrifying indeed.

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