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Print Server Software - LRS Output & Print Managementrint

Print Server Software

Whether you are a mid-sized organization or a global enterprise, you will be aware that print servers can be difficult to manage. But as long as they were required (which they were for a long time), there was no way around them. in particular the part of applying updates to the servers can prove to be a difficult task. The careful documentation and repetition of changes made. Anything that goes wrong with the print server setup will inevitably result in outages, which in turn leads to financial and productivity losses. Within a complex environment spread across multiple sites it requires a team of people to perform these updates, which increases the potential for errors. Another challenge is the migration of print servers, often prompted by an update. Such a project takes time to plan and execute. 

Depending on the print server setup, they can also be slow in processing print jobs. There are ways to speed them up. Still, print servers have challenges and corresponding problems. The availability of printing also relies on a connection with the print server, so it can turn into a real problem when the server cannot be reached. These outages can result in high costs and lost productivity. Espcially for those organizations that need to print from business critical applications.

An Alternative to Print Servers 

LRS software solutions are designed to optimize the IT infrastructure. Even the most complex environments can run smoothly with LRS. For many large enterprises it is vital that printing is available. The cost of printer outages amounts to millions each year. Not only do LRS solutions reduce the number of outages, the solution also delivers additional cost savings by removing or eliminating costly print servers and implementing a more efficient printing process on the basis of serverless printing. One that tackles every aspect and can be controlled from an easy to navigate portal.  

With LRS you can manage any output, from any platform, in any format, to any destination. The standardized IT service layer functions as a central hub for all document output and storage. Thus eliminating the need for a multitude of print servers. But it also results in the elimination of printer-specific hardware such as barcode and font DIMMs.

With LRS Print Server Software you will be able to:

  • Consolidate or eliminate print servers
  • Remove all specialized hardware
  • Centrally manage all printing processes globally
  • Avoid having to repeat steps for updates with a single print server setup
  • Put an end to server migration initiatives

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