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VDI Printing | Virtualized Printing

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) has revolutionized the way we do business globally - allowing us to access our Windows desktops from a variety of computing devices across the enterprise.

The problem? An efficient and effective virtual workplace can be a printing nightmare.

Here we address the challenges that come with printing from virtual desktops and talk you through potential solutions to deliver a better printing experience for your users - wherever they are working.

VDI stands for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. In a nutshell, desktop virtualization means that you can access your Windows desktop anytime, anywhere, on any client computing device. For example, when you travel to another work location, you can access your desktop from any computer there, without taking a laptop. This is because your desktop is actually running on a server in the company‚Äôs data centre, and the device you use to access your desktop merely provides keyboard and display functions.

Because desktops are centralized from a server, working with VDI means creating a new session each time you log on and off. This means that any printers added during a session are lost. IT staff can create permanent changes - but even this can be problematic. IT organisations lack the tools to easily associate users, printers and terminals in an intelligent way and struggle to automate print driver management and deployment across virtual desktops.

Using a simple yet powerful web-based interface, authorized staff can define printers for end users and thin/zero client terminals and designate which printer is the default device for application printing. Intelligent management of user- and terminal-specific printer definitions ensures that a worker always has the ability to print to a nearby device, to the printer back in his or her office, or to any required location on the network.

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