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External Pull Printing enabling all your printer fleet

External Pull Printing Solutions

LRS® Pull Printing software manages secure document workflows on many newer multifunction print devices (MFPs). However, it can also help you get the most from the printers and other single-function devices in your current output fleet.

MFPsecure®/Printfor XT hardware brings the secure delivery capabilities of LRS Output Management software to nearly any device in your environment, regardless of age or brand. The solution consists of three main components:

  • An external card reader designed to read the ID information on user proximity cards and pass the data on for authentication
  • A controller interface that provides network connectivity to the printer
  • Software that enables secure communication with the overall LRS print management environment

Once connected to an output device, the solutions enable a user to print all documents waiting in an associated Personal Queue. Users can retrieve their queued documents from any defined printer with a simple tap of a proximity card or employee badge. For organizations, the solution brings full audit tracking and control of printed documents for improved security and compliance.

Pull Printing solutions from LRS help you save money while protecting the contents of your most sensitive documents. Click here to  find out how LRS can improve your business and output environments.

Secure printing solutions with a difference

LRS pull printing software protects your sensitive documents from unauthorized access until the intended user authenticates at the output device.

What is secure printing? In the past, it often meant a secure printer that was kept physically separate from all but a handful of trusted IT staff. With the advent of pull printing solutions, this costly approach is no longer necessary. Authorized users can retrieve sensitive documents by tapping a proximity badge on a card reader or other authentication device. If the security credentials match, the LRS pull print solution allows for secure print release from the user’s document queue.
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Proximity printing and more

For employees on the go, LRS pull printing solutions ensure the right document gets to the right user, right away.

LRS software acts as "Pull Printing” solution for true proximity printing. Users can submit their print jobs from any location, and retrieve them from any nearby LRS pull printing enabled MFP or printer. This is especially useful for employees that frequently work from different locations or who print from mobile devices. 
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