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Self-Service Printer Portal - Finding your printer and Installing

LRS Self-Service Printer Portal

In the modern workplace, the average end user may not sit at the same desk every day. With "hotelling", flex workers, hot-desking and other alternative workplace arrangements, users need a simple way to locate and print to a nearby device — without constantly calling help desk staff. A solution that makes printer mapping easy. Self service printing so to speak.

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The LRS® Self-Service Printer Portal gives users a simple, intuitive way to locate nearby print devices and select the ones they want to add to their desktops to enable printing. The appropriate printer drivers are seamlessly downloaded, installed, and configured on the user's desktop without user intervention. This easy printer mapping solution integrates with your existing corporate portal and lets users drill down through a map-based interface to find the printer best suited to their needs. Customizable screens enable language localization to improve usability in multi-national/multi-language environments.

Result? Users spend less time searching for printers, installing drivers, and other non-productive tasks. Help desk personnel have fewer printing-related calls to answer, so they can focus on more strategic issues. And since the solution always provisions the correct driver, documents print correctly the first time for less wasted paper and toner. Self service is possible when it comes to printing, with LRS!

Best of all, the printer mapping solution works with our entire range of Enterprise Output Management solutions. Contact LRS to learn how we can increase your users' productivity while helping you reduce printing

Printing portal meets enterprise self-service

LRS software enables self-service printing, so users can easily locate nearby printers and MFPs without contacting support staff

Our web-based printing portal lets users find an appropriate print device by clicking on country maps, building floorplans, etc. The software can be seamlessly integrated with other self-service solutions found on your corporate portal.

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