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Policy Printing - develop and enforce rules for printing

Policy Printing

Analysts estimate that an organization can save 10-30 percent on their print cost through active management of office printing. For example, avoiding unnecessary color documents and printing on both sides of the paper can save a lot of money. However, changing end user behavior to adopt these cost saving techniques can be a challenge. Enforcing a printing policy can help.

How does Policy Printing help?

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LRS® Policy Printing solutions help organizations develop and enforce rules that help them save money and print responsibly. Documents are routed to the most cost-effective device based on administrator-defined rules.

The flexible LRS solution can dynamically modify the format or content based on the document contents, for example, enforcing duplex printing or applying a watermark for increased document security. All without end user intervention.

Control printing cost through print policy enforcement

LRS software enables automatic document formatting to let you define duplex printing rules and other cost-saving output settings.

This gives greater printing control to administrators and lets them specify how individual users or groups consume printing resources.

Take control of your printing environment with Policy Printing solutions from LRS. Contact our output management experts to find out how.

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