Policy Printing

Analysts estimate that an organization can save 10-30 percent on their print cost through active management of office printing. For example, avoiding unnecessary color documents and printing on both sides of the paper can save a lot of money. However, changing end user behavior to adopt these cost saving techniques can be a challenge. Enforcing a printing policy can help.

LRS Policy Printing solutions 

LRS® Policy Printing functionality lets organizations develop and enforce rules that help them save money and print responsibly. Using an intuitive control interface, authorized administrators can input the costs associated with different types of printing (color versus monochrome, duplex versus single-sided, etc.). They can also specify a series of print conditions for which various policies would be in effect.

Control printing cost through print policy enforcement

At the time of print request, a user receives a print message outlining the projected cost of their requested print job as well as any print policies that apply.

LRS Policy Printing solutions

Depending on rules set up by the administration team, the print parameters may be changed automatically to comply with print policies or the user may be allowed to temporarily override these settings. By giving users the tools to better understand printing costs, the software promotes more efficient use of document resources.

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