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LRS Mobile Printing Solutions

Mobile computing technology lets employees spend less time in the office and more time with the customers they serve. LRS® software gives mobile workers the ability to securely deliver any document from anywhere, in any form, to any destination.

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LRS mobile printing solutions work with any mobile OS or hardware type...

LRS® Mobile Connector software extends the reach of the LRS software to handle printing from tablet computers, smartphones, and other mobile devices. The standards-based solution converts inbound documents from mobile devices for secure management and delivery by LRS Output Management software. Users submit documents via email to the Mobile Connector process, which identifies the sender, renders the document into PDF format, and passes the document contents and metadata to the core LRS solution for subsequent formatting and delivery.

When mobile workers need to retrieve these printed documents, LRS Pull Printing solutions let them easily authenticate their identity at a nearby printer or MFP, select the desired documents, and print them at the device. On-the-go mobile print printing has never been easier.

LRS Mobile Printing solutions work with any mobile OS or hardware type, enabling users to leverage all LRS document delivery, accounting, viewing, archival and pull printing functions. This extends the reach of the Enterprise Output Server and gives organizations improved control over their document assets.

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