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Reduce network bandwidth with Direct IP Printing

Direct IP Printing

LRS® Workplace Printing software supports Direct IP printing, while maintaining the many benefits of the LRS Output Management solution, including:

  • Elimination of redundant print servers
  • Automated print driver management
  • Reduced network traffic
  • Centralized tracking and auditing of IP printing events
  • Improved document security and reduced paper waste through pull-printing solutions

As an integral part of the LRS Output Management suite, our VPSX/Workplace® and VPSX/DirectPrint™ solutions offer a comprehensive way to manage any output, in any format, from any user to any IP printer or other output device. 

Hybrid Print Architecture

Support Direct IP printing and reliable spool-based printing from a single integrated solution.

IT organizations may deploy a Direct IP print solution to address network topology and bandwidth considerations, minimize WAN traffic, improve printer throughput, and eliminate the need for a local print server. However, large enterprises also have mission-critical business applications that employees, partners, and customers depend on every day. These applications run on a variety of server platforms and create documents that must be delivered to the required hardcopy and softcopy destinations in the correct format. Failure is simply not an option.

Since printing plays a key role in many business processes, a server-based print architecture is required to support important capabilities such as dynamic data transforms, retention of print files, rerouting of documents to an alternate printer, and providing IT staff with end-to-end visibility of the entire printing process. This requires a reliable, high-performance print spool, ideally running on a central server to minimize complexity.

LRS output management software addresses both of these requirements with support for a hybrid print architecture. One software solution, two methods of document delivery, and countless business benefits.

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