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Printer Driver Management - Automating and Maintaining Printer Drivers

Print Driver Management

LRS® Workplace printing solutions automate the process of installing, configuring, and maintaining printer drivers across the entire network landscape. The software acts as a centralized driver repository allowing your administrators to manage and deploy pre-configured versions of those drivers tested to work with the devices in your network. Benefits include:

  • Reduced IT service cost as a result of automated driver deployment
  • Improved user and IT productivity through elimination of driver issues
  • Printer vendor independence; easily supports multi-vendor environments

Easily manage drivers for printers

LRS software lets you automate print driver management. Our solutions let you provision current printer driver versions from a central repository.

Instead of relying on end users to add printer drivers and update them to the latest versions, LRS’ driver management tools let you install printer drivers automatically and interrogate the system on a regular basis to determine of anything has changed with the driver (modification to driver default preferences, new version loaded, etc.) This works with regular model-specific drivers as well as a universal printer driver (global print driver). When changes are noted, the system can update the workstation printer definition and refresh the driver.
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Automated driver management is only one aspect of the LRS Output Management solution Contact LRS to learn how we can help you save money and improve your IT environment.