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Centralized Management and Administration for Print and Output Management

Centralized Management and Administration

Challenge: In today's workplace, end users are capable of generating documents from nearly any location, using any computer or mobile device running any one of hundreds of applications. When it comes to printing, users expect things to "just work." If they don't, the typical user reaction is to print it again. And again... further compounding the problem for a support team already busy with hundreds of other user issues.

LRS® Workplace Printing solutions harness the power of our proven print management suite to bring order to printing chaos. IT organizations can consolidate dozens or hundreds of existing print servers to create a single point of control for managing all output and devices in the organization. 

Whether you need to consolidate print servers, manage direct IP printing, or find a way to easily manage print drivers on user workstations, LRS can help. 

Scalable Enterprise Printer Management

Manage large printer fleets / output device estates from a single interface and eliminate redundant print servers with a comprehensive solution.

Your printer fleet may span multiple buildings or several continents and include devices from a variety of hardware vendors. The larger and more complex the printing environment, the more important it is to have a simple, integrated print monitor software solution.
Printer monitoring software from LRS lets you manage printers of any make and model using an intuitive, web-based control interface. This lets you quickly diagnose printer problems before they affect critical business processes. 
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Reliable Print Server Management

Consolidate print servers and add/delete/modify printer definitions as needed.

A typical workplace printing environment involves many individual Windows print servers. The scalable LRS Enterprise Output Management solution eliminates the need for redundant servers, for fewer points of failure.
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