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Document Storage | LRS Output Management

Document Storage

If document storage is taking up valuable time that employees could be using for other job related tasks, there’s an easier way. Making use of document content management software can help you eliminate extra time and resources used to distribute information and documents. Documents can be delivered where you need them to go, securely and quickly and you’ll have a record of them if there’s ever a question.

Documents are at the heart of many critical business processes, and reliable output delivery helps you minimize business risk as well as bottom-line costs. Analysts estimate that 30 percent of all business process disruptions are caused by information delivery failures. This can cost your organization valuable time and resources ultimately leading to reducing your bottom line profits. But what is the right document storage system for your organization’s specific needs?

LRS® Output Management software acts as a central point of control for managing documents from any application. The document management aspect of the solution encrypts document contents when necessary to avoid compromising sensitive data and delivers them to printers, email recipients, fax and file servers, and countless other destinations. In the event of network or hardware problems, the software can re-route application output to alternate destinations to minimize the impact on your business saving valuable time and resources. 

 Within the software’s electronic document storage capabilities, powerful document compression capabilities enable a high number of concurrent printing sessions while minimizing network traffic. Flexible data stream transforms ensure that the documents arrive in an appropriate form for the target device or electronic destination. All while increasing the performance of your existing systems by offloading the burden of output formatting and delivery. 

Working with leading hardware and software vendors, LRS has worked to establish a fully integrated output storage environment that provides end-to-end visibility of document status. By leveraging the LRSQueue protocol, software providers can give system users instant feedback about printing errors or successful document delivery right from their application screens.

Contact our document experts to learn how LRS can improve your business processes through faster, more reliable document delivery and help you identify the right document content management system.