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Simplify SAP Forms Design for SAP SmartForms

Simplify SAP Form Design & Deployment

The documents created by your SAP applications connect the information in your systems with the employees who actually take customer orders, ship products, and manage your business. In many cases, those documents may include barcodes, logos, and other special formatting designed to improve workflows and aid in regulatory compliance.

Organizations invest a great deal of time and money developing forms using SAP SmartForms, Adobe Forms, and SAPscript and testing them prior to deployment. But few global printer fleets are as uniform as the “proof of concept” or QA environments used during forms testing. Once deployed, your SAP forms will need to print correctly on countless printer models from multiple hardware vendors.

What’s the problem?

After moving your applications from your test environment into production, your SAP forms are unlikely to print correctly on all the different printers, MFPs, and other devices found in your network. Font mismatches may cause garbage characters to print, portions of the document may be cut off, and barcodes may fail to print. All of which can bring your business processes to a grinding halt.

Standardizing on a handful of printer models from a single vendor can help, but replacing thousands of existing printers is cost-prohibitive. Installing font DIMM cards in each printer is expensive, time-consuming, and a maintenance headache.

The LRS Solution

LRS Output Management software ensures that your SAP SmartForms and other formats print correctly without the need to standardize your printer fleet around one hardware vendor. Our intelligent data transforms support SAP’s native GOF & OTF formats and convert them to standard PCL and/or PostScript data streams supported on every modern make and model of printer.

By normalizing your SAP forms data before delivery to remote printers, you also eliminate the need to check that the correct fonts are installed on each output device. Result? Lower costs, less support effort, and the comfort of knowing that your forms will print correctly on any device in your network. 

Contact our document experts to learn how LRS simplify SAP SmartForms and other forms deployment across your entire SAP landscape.