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VPSX for GE | Healthcare Output & Print Management

LRS Output Management for GE

LRS software simplifies print and printer management in GE® Healthcare environments. By greatly reducing the number of steps required to define and maintain printers on the platforms where the EMR software runs, the LRS solution eases the burden on administrators and support staff. The solution provides an output middleware platform to centrally control all output and helps you make the most of output device features like special paper options and onboard secure delivery mailboxes.

Integration with GE

LRS® VPSX for GE supports all the open systems platforms on which GE Healthcare software runs on including UNIX® and VMS. Our proven solution offloads the burden of backend printing to the LRS Output Management software. This eliminates the need to create and maintain operating system queues for each print device. In the event of a printing problem, a document can be manually rerouted or diverted by the end-user, eliminating the need to re-print the document and preventing inadvertent compliance issues.  



GE Healthcare customers use VPSX software to secure sensitive documents and protect PHI.

LRS extension products provide a fully documented audit trail of who, when & where documents were printed or viewed to aid compliance with HIPAA regulations. Authorized end users can also search all documents for a value (e.g., patient name, procedure, account number) and view the “hits” online instantaneously. This audit trail can also be used to measure and analyze output to facilitate management reporting and cost analysis.

Electronic delivery of critical care information

PageCenterX® software from LRS combines with the VPSX solution to provide fail-safe electronic distribution of sensitive reports for continuity during downtime events. Our software analyzes document contents for rules-based distribution to the correct destination. Once complete, the documents are then electronically delivered to nursing stations and remote facilities.

Output Infrastructure

LRS software makes the most of system resources and relieves GE and other applications of the burden of managing document delivery to printers and other devices. The LRS software replaces incumbent print infrastructure and lets you dramatically reduce the overall number of print queues. Our software also enables remote clinicians to access their documents via a web browser, printing what they need on devices at their location, i.e., home, clinic.