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When talking to some companies for the first time, we typically ask them to name their biggest print management challenge. We get all kinds of answers, including printing cost, reporting outages, pull print, speed, USB printers, global connectivity, complexity, too much printing, security, print driver management and managing / updating multiple print servers. There are other responses, of course, but most are centered around this set of problems. Some people even answer with a single word: ‘everything.’

What these people are looking for is an easy to manage, reliable, centralized print management solution that is both cost efficient and agile. A solution for the administrator who just wants to scream ‘Help me!’ Well, we are happy to do so. The LRS CloudPrint® solution tackles all of the above-mentioned challenges and more. Here are things that LRS can offer those who opt for a Cloud solution to manage enterprise-wide printing.

  • Serverless printing
    Forget about expensive and difficult to manage Windows print servers located on-site. Our true Cloud solution does precisely what you need it to in a secure manner that will allow your users to print in an easy and reliable manner. This eliminates the need for your IT department to manage servers or troubleshoot connectivity problems. Instead, LRS handles those tasks with a 99.9% uptime guarantee!

  • Centralized control
    No more toolsets that require different logins or permissions. With LRS CloudPrint, you get a web based administrative tool that offers control and visibility over company-wide printing. It is a flexible tool to add printers, modify print queues, update drivers, troubleshoot, manage rules and restrictions and much more. This one interface is the only tool that IT administrators and helpdesk support staff need to manage the print environment and optimize the availability of print for end users.

  • Cost efficiency
    There are three cost benefits to an externally hosted Cloud based print management solution.

The first results from the elimination of on site print servers, at an estimated savings of $2,800 apiece. Removing these servers from the equation results in instant cost reduction that can add up to large savings, depending on how many (dedicated) print servers were deployed.
Secondly, the LRS CloudPrint solution is priced on a per-user basis, which keeps costs in line with your requirements. You get licenses for the number of users who need to print, which is less likely to change in an unpredictable manner. The cost structure is straightforward — if your business grows, you just add licenses — making this the most agile and future-proof way of managing the print environment.
Finally, there is a savings in time spent on managing the print environment and troubleshooting print problems. By eliminating servers and introducing centralized control, changes can be implemented with a few clicks and problems are easily identified and resolved.

  • Print driver management
    Our solution offers remote print driver installation, meaning that a driver can be uploaded and rolled out to all print queues from the same administrative tool that manages all other printer related settings. The need to make duplicate changes for each location and each server is now in the past. Driver updates and upgrades have never been easier.

  • Simplicity
    IT infrastructures can be highly complex, especially in environments that have a large number of print servers. While servers are often deployed to resolve issues of connectivity, availability, or speed, they end up being expensive bottlenecks and a source of frustration. Our Cloud-based solution takes that pain away and simplifies the printing aspect of your IT environment. Printing is fast, available and reliable, and so easy to manage and control regardless of how many locations or employees you have. Result? No more headaches for the IT department.

High availability and system redundancy are the top two reasons to choose a Cloud-based solution. However, as we learned above, the benefits go way beyond that… especially for the IT professionals who have to manage things on a daily basis. Any of the print related challenges that people have shared with us have been addressed in this straightforward Cloud solution. So if you are looking to simplify IT and reduce TCO, look no further. Contact us or start your free LRS CloudPrint trial today!

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