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VDI Printing | Remote Desktop Printing

Printing within Citrix and VMware environments

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) has revolutionized the way we do business globally - allowing us to access our Windows desktops from a variety of computing devices across the enterprise. There is no need to take a laptop when going to another office location. you can simply use a computer already there. Or access what is required from a tablet or mobile phone. The Citrix or VMware environment is available where ever the user goes.

We are also no longer limited to an office space when needing to access our own applications and files. Whether we are at home, in a foreign country, at a train station, they are all there when we need them. The benefit to the organization is low cost for hardware and minimal maintenance as individual devices do not need to be configured or updated.

Benefits of VDI Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

If you operate such an environment, know all this. But you also know that VDI carries disadvantages and you are here looking to solve a problem.So what is this problem? An efficient and effective virtual workplace can be a printing nightmare.

The Challenges of Remote Desktop Printing

We are here to address the challenges that come with printing from virtual desktops and talk you through potential solutions to deliver a better remote desktop printing experience for your users - wherever they are working. Without your IT administrators having to spend time on helping end users get set up with printers. Instead, their interference will no longer be required at all.

Because your desktops are actually running on a server in the company’s data center, the devices used to access desktops merely provides keyboard and display functions. Because desktops are centralized from a server, working with VDI means creating a new session each time your users log on and off. While all applications and files are instantly available when logging in to the server, it does not do that for printing devices. After a session is ended, any printers that were added during that session are lost. This requires users to find and install them again. This is not an easy process.  

IT staff can create permanent changes - but even this can be problematic. In a basic VDI setup IT lacks the tools to easily associate users, printers and terminals in an intelligent way and struggle to automate print driver management and deployment across virtual desktops. And it remains a problem for travelling employees who need to print at a variety of locations.

Simplified Print & Output Management with LRS Solutions for VDI

LRS offers a print management solution designed for organizations using Citrix and VMware. Using a simple yet powerful web-based interface, authorized staff can define printers for end users and thin/zero client terminals and designate which printer is the default device for application printing. Intelligent management of user- and terminal-specific printer definitions ensures that a worker always has the ability to print to a nearby device, to the printer back in his or her office, or to any required location on the network.

Printers can also be installed automatically based on the location of the user (proximity printing), learn more about this here.

Learn More

Want to learn more about LRS printing solutions for Citrix and VMware environments? Contact us / request a demo by filling out the form and one of our VDI print experts will get in touch with you to discuss optimizing your IT infrastructure for remote desktop printing.

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