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LRS Print Management | Centralized Output Management

Print Management

Shouldn’t printing just work? LRS thinks so. Which is why we offer print management software solutions to help your enterprise achieve a print environment that works while saving you valuable time and reduces operating costs.

The LRS print management solution is available for large enterprises using business critical applications and/or organizations that have Windows printing (including VDI). Both provide a single solution designed to standardize the way you manage output. Print any document from any platform and application to any device. And that includes mobile printing and secure pull printing. Often the term print management means Windows print management but with LRS it encompasses all enterprise wide printing.

IDC Study

Customers using LRS enterprise print management software were surveyed in independent research by IDC, who concluded that the average LRS print management software customer could expect to break even (from their initial investment) in 6 months, experience significant annual savings and see an overall ROI of 486% in five years.

Our customers, like us, are global so we’ve built our print management platform to be scalable depending on your organization’s needs. Simplify your life and make managing your output simpler. Contact LRS by filling in the form at the bottom of the page to learn more about print management software that makes your employees lives easier. Need more convincing that our solutions will benefit your organization? Watch the video below or look at the individual ways that we can help optimize your IT infrastructure.

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Infrastructure Consolidation

Eliminate Print Servers and Consolidate Printers

Establishing LRS software as the central hub for all document output and storage helps you eliminate print servers as well as printer-specific hardware such as DIMMs. By controlling all print with a single instance of the LRS Output Management Software you also enable centralized accounting of documents across your organization. This helps LRS customers generate audit reports used for cost accounting, print reduction and internal device consolidation projects.

Centralized Printer Management

Automate Driver Management and Reduce IT Support

LRS Workplace printing solutions automate the process of installing, configuring, and maintaining print drivers across the entire network landscape. The software acts as a centralized driver repository allowing your administrators to manage and deploy pre-configured versions of those drivers tested to work with the devices in your network. Benefits include: 

  • Reduced IT service cost as a result of automated driver deployment 
  • Improved user and IT productivity through elimination of driver issues 
  • Printer vendor independence; easily supports multi-vendor environments

Simplified IT Services

Reduce Helpdesk Calls with Automated Diagnostics & Monitoring

Studies show that 25 to 50 percent of all help desk calls are related to printing. Aside from the increase in support costs, failure to implement an effective output management strategy can put key business processes at risk. Result? Missed service level agreements, unhappy customers, and a negative impact on the bottom line.

LRS software simplifies output management, thereby minimizing the need to involve support staff for document-related problems. The few calls that remain are resolved at lower cost at level 1 without escalating to more expensive level 2 or 3 resources. In fact, a recent study indicates that customers running LRS Output Management software experienced 68% more efficient printer management, saw 55% fewer impactful printer outages, and required 97% fewer print servers.

Secure Pull Printing

Secure Print Release & User Authentication

Pull Printing software from LRS protects sensitive documents by preventing delivery to printers and other destinations until the intended recipient authenticates their identity at the actual output device. By carefully controlling and monitoring document usage, LRS® MFPsecure®/Print software helps organizations:

  • Lower print costs while reducing waste
  • Track, manage and analyze document and printer use
  • Automate document distribution and archival processes
  • Improve end-user mobility and productivity
  • Protect proprietary and confidential information 

Print Accounting & Auditing

Control & Manage Output & Print Costs

Understand how, when, and where documents are being printed as well as who accesses them in online form, empowering organizations to find savings opportunities and improve compliance with corporate policies regarding data use.

This audit information provides a detailed view of an organization’s complete output environment. Customers can analyze this data using a variety of third-party utilities or with an LRS-supplied reporting tool. This tool comes with more than a dozen summary and detail reports designed to help companies identify ways to lower costs and increase document security.

Document Process Automation

Reduce Manual Processes & Ensure Compliance

LRS Intelligent Document Bundling (IDB) automates the retrieval, sequencing, transforming, merging, and enhancing of multiple input documents into a single bundled output document. The input documents can reside in any location and be in multiple formats. With IDB, automating the business processes for printing multiple documents eliminates the risk for errors that can accompany manual processes.

IDB allows you to:

  • Retrieve documents from any repository, file share, or web location
  • Sequence documents into the right order
  • Transform/merge into a single document format
  • Enhance documents with dynamic content such as overlays, barcodes, variable text, etc.
  • Deliver documents to single or multiple destinations
  • Monitor and control documents to ensure delivery

Electronic Document Storage

Automate Document Workflow & Storage

LRS content management establishes a single secure facility for storing, locating and viewing critical business application documents and other file types - quickly and with full auditing capabilities.

Designed to provide instant access to critical information, it employs powerful search tools and a user-friendly interface that enable authorized knowledge workers to quickly pinpoint relevant business information.

Platform and Application Modernization

Reduce MIPs or Decommision Your Mainframe

When porting legacy IBM mainframe applications to open systems platforms, many basic elements of the printing infrastructure become unavailable. For example, there is no open systems equivalent to the Job Execution System (JES) spool used to manage mainframe print jobs.

The LRS Software acts as a functional replacement to the JES spool, eliminating the need for modernization teams to deploy numerous costly Windows ® print servers or develop new document management facilities from scratch.

LRS has over three decades of experience in providing document capture, delivery, management, and viewing/archiving software for legacy environments. Together with Micro Focus International, Clerity Solutions, and other application modernization partners, we provide proven document connectivity and formatting solutions to help modernization teams save both time and money.

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