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About Ben Smith

Ben Smith is a Senior Systems Engineer in the Enterprise Output Management Group at LRS. He has spent the last 11 years (of his 35+ years in the industry) chasing sales folks around the globe while they visit LRS prospects and customers. The SE role allows for pre-sales charm and post-sales creativity, which he relies on now that he sadly realizes his “Pro Sports” career is not going to happen. He enjoys eating (chocolate chased by Zacapa) and travel with his family.

Mainframe-Berichtsarchiv Konvertierungen/Migrationen


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Der private Netzwerk-Blues

Das richtige Werkzeug für welchen Job?

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Dokumenten Management–Albtraum oder Traumprojekt?

Die richtige Unterstützung macht Ihren Albtraum zum Traumprojekt

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Wiederbelebung von Mainframe-Datenströmen

Hauchen Sie alten Datenströmen neues Leben ein.

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Migrieren von Control D

Migrieren Sie Control-D Archive mit strukturierter erprobter Methode, um archivbasierte MIPS Kosten zu reduzieren.

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