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In a blog post last month, I mentioned that Google search data show a widespread interest in printing speed. Specifically, people want their printed documents to arrive as quickly as possible at the desired printer or other destination. This should come as no surprise… people have been asking for faster document delivery since the days of the Pony Express!

LRS hasn’t been around as long as that, but looking back through the archives, I found one of my favorite old LRS advertisements from the pre-Internet days. Back when mainframes ruled the world and nobody knew what a Blog was. It was also a time when companies without LRS software measured document speed very differently. Distributed printing as we know it today was in its infancy, and companies like LRS were pioneering a whole new printing paradigm.

If you ever needed proof that speed was relative, here it is. 50 MIPS was a big deal then. The iPod Touch I bought my son last year is rated at 34,600 MIPS . Wow. 

LRS Mainframe advert

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